Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Anjali - What If There Was No Money

Anjali suddenly popped this question.
'What is there was no money Nanna?'

I did not know what to say except this.
'Then how will we buy anything? How will you buy pizza? He will have to make stuff right?'
Anjali had thought of that.

'He will go and take it from whoever has that stuff,' she said.

'But what if no one makes stuff and simply keeps taking from someone else?'

'But people won't sit idle no? They will make something. People will go and take those things and use them and then whoever needs it or something else will take whatever they need. People will make whatever they like and others will take whatever they need.'

Hmmm. Interesting idea. Certainly one that will prevent this mine and yours, one that will make people only take what they need and not all they want, one that will make people more secure. As an idea I love it. I'd love to see a world like that!

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