Thursday, November 2, 2017

Anjali - Ganesha Idols, God and Devotion

Anjali has got it firmly into her head that Ganeshas must be made of clay. She has been told by her teachers the harmful effects of the synthetic ones which use chemical colours etc. She had a lot to say about the huge Ganpati idols near our home today (sometime during Ganesha times).

'Why do they do this? Why can't they make clay idols?' she said exasperated that people just don't get it. 'Is this how they show devotion to god? By doing things that harm the environment that god made?' she went on.

Good. An activist. I think it was after this event that she got the courage to walk up to our colony committee people and put in her request for a clay idol.

I do like the connection between god and devotion. It is being kind to the environment and other beings that god made. Be it the music, the inconvenience of the pandals. the idols, the pollution, the garbage, the rubbish, the disregard for all of god's things while seeking god through loudspeakers. Show devotion by being loving, gentle and kind.

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