Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Anjali - Maya and Tintin and Lives that Have Entered Ours

Anjali adopted this scaredy cat Maya quite sometime ago. It happened gently and with great care and love. Maya slowly responded and over many bags of appropriately chosen Whiskas and milk and all sorts of other offerings she became part of our lives. Then she went off and became pregnant and came back with two small kittens. One vanished and the other -Tintin - now remains. The two cats - the scared mother and the aggressive kitten roam around freely in their domain which is in the backyard.

Maya and Tintin

So aggressive is Tintin that every morning when Anjali head straight from her bed to the door to feed them I can hear her saying - 'Maya, you eat something otherwise you will starve. Push Tintin away and eat.' But I don't think Maya listens to her despite all this.

Now every morning, every time they sense we are in th kitchen, the cats raise a huge cry. Meow, meow, meow they go non-stop in a manner that requires a response. Hmmm, says the human who is in the kitchen and they go Meoow in response. Hmm, says the human and so on with various voice modulations. it's incredible how long those conversations go.

What struck me was the manner in which Maya and Tintin ask for their food or milk - as if they deserve it. They completely believe that all they have to do is ask and they are entitled to it. I loved that aspect. That we can actually ask and ask and we will get. No strings attached. No need to work for it. No need to be loyal or wag your tail. Just ask in an earnest manner and make the other person feel responsible and useful and people love being that. It spreads some love and the cats are fully aiding that.

Today, while we were playing cricket in the front yard,I could sense the full extent of the kitten's playfulness. Tintin came running and sat in a corner. Whenever the ball was played it would chase it and then run away when we went to fetch the ball. It played like that for over half an hour before it gave up and sat in a corner, stretching itself langurously. All this while, Maya hid itself behind a plant and watched. Much to Anjali's mirth.

And so we learn from nature, from god's many creatures and wonder and the possibilities, at the fun and joy that life has. At the choices we make.

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