Sunday, November 26, 2017

Owl and the Sparrow - Movie Review

A Vietnamese film. Three lonely and separate lives, each with their own set of problems, come together and find closure and happiness together. The movie spans five days.

A young orphaned girl Thuy, lives with her uncle who makes her work in his factory. She runs away to big city Saigon and sells roses for a living, sleeps near the riverside. She meets Lan, a flight attendant in an unfulfilling affair with a colleague, at a  noodle shop. Lan takes her home. During the day Thuy meets Hai, a young zoo keeper who is about to lose one of his favorite animals, a baby elephant, months after he lost his lady love. The three meet and it is a happy family. But Thuy is taken to an orphanage by the police who catch her in the streets without a license and is reclaimed by her uncle. Thuy runs away from her uncle, with money enough to keep the baby elephant and goes back to the zookeeper. Hai returns the money, makes a deal with the uncle and arranges to keep the young girl with him. All they need is to woo back Lan who is all set to fly out of Saigon to complete the family again. In the airport, Lan sees the gift given to her by Thuy and turns back.

Sweet little movie. A nice uplifting touch with little of the fears that movies that involve runaway children normally have. Thuy was brilliant. Lan is beautiful.

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