Monday, August 14, 2017

Thought for the Day - The Connection Between Being Grateful and Happiness

If we have 60000 thoughts a day, and most of them are about why we do not have something or someone, and this lack is bothering us, it clearly shows that we are pining for things that aren't there while being oblivious to what we already have. I was doing a gratitude exercise recently and in that one moment when I wrote a list of things to be grateful for, I realised how little I valued and was grateful for what I have. I realised I was so 'in the air' about life, so up in my dreams, that my feet were miles off the ground.

As I made the gratitude list I realised how many people, thoughts, services, fact the whole universe supports the idea of me. I have this whole universe to fall back upon, to open myself to its love. To possibilities. From being the unlucky one, I started to count my luck - from the time I was born, to the parents, to the homes, my siblings, the food, the education, the teachers, the friends, the love, the games, the movies, the books, the services, the merchandise, the smiles, the hugs, the happiness, the sharing, the feeling, the gifts, the letters, the mails, the flowers, the fragrances, the jokes, the compliments, the appreciation, the air, the health....every single moment was one which was a gift deliberately placed in my path. I enjoyed it all, in all its shades and as I stand where I am today, cannot feel more than an overwhelming feeling of love, of being the lucky one, of being given the unique opportunity. Every breath seems so precious, a miracle, every smile, every laughter.

I am more aware now and am more grateful for all that is with me, all who are around me, all that I have and get. I see that this is what life has given me and this is what I need to build from, brick by brick.

My thoughts have now changed from 'why don't I have?' to 'wow, I have all this'. It's a drastic change in my attitude - from a place of lack, want and resentment and frustration to one where I am able to appreciate what I have, able to feel happier and feel a sense of contentment. The more deeper I sink into the present, into what I have, the more grateful and happier I am. For example, if money was a concern (why don't I have as much as someone else) I focussed on what I have now and how that is helping me through life comfortably. If relationships are a concern (why are they not as good as  they could be), I focussed on what there is and I felt immensely grateful for that. I realised that when we look for what we have, we seem to have a lot more than what we thought we had.

Gratitude. Appreciation. Happiness. Groundedness. Being in the present. Treating things with love. It all opens up - not just the doorway, but the approach too. I am mentally tuned in now to feel grateful to all I experience - the keyboard, the net, my computer, my hands, the blog, the mouse and all that I see around me, waiting for my command. Wow! 

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