Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Lovely "To Sir With Love" Moment

Abanti Banerji, my student from the University of Hyderabad, Dept of Dance, called me last week. 'Sir I got the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship-Choreomundus 2017,' she said. Abanti was one of the more energetic and proactive students, and I remember she had asked me to help with her SoP. I am impressed with those who ask for help which I am realising is something I do not do and which I am also finding out is a good virtue to have in your bag. And Abanti has a way of doing it very gently and politely so I had absolutely no problem spending some time on it. We did a bit of work and then the course happened and we all left. But she always took initiative, practiced what we discussed and well, seemed to be making progress.
Abanti - Some serious growth mindset here!
She called me (after 8 months since) to say she got admission into this course (an International dance diploma course that gives her exposure to four countries in a two year course) and wanted to come and thank me. She had many nice things to say and what really amazed me was how she got the full scholarship and even a hefty monthly stipend (and tickets). And she is the only Indian to get admission in the course this year. Like Shobha said to her - "obviously you are ready for it". She is leaving next week.

But to think of a visiting faculty who taught them but eight sessions perhaps, and travel across the town to meet for a short while, with a sweet packet, is stuff that some people are made of. Most would have forgotten and moved on but for someone so young to be so grateful and do it so well speaks well of her. (I don't think I would have when I was her age - or come to think of it, even now!) In fact I told her that the ability to ask for help will take her a long way. Certainly this habit of showing gratitude will help a lot too.

Good luck Abanti and I know you will do well in your chosen path. I am thrilled for you and know you will do extremely well in whatever you choose to do. And like we agreed, do keep in touch!

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much Sir. It is all your teachings that made me strive for it.:)