Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back to the Future 3 - Movie Review

I missed the part 2 but I will soon set that right. In part 3, Marty finds that Doc Brown is stuck in 1885 and is killed by Biff Tannen's (villain of the piece in part 1) great grandfather Mad Dog Tannen killed Doc and goes back to rescue him.

So Marty gets the time machine car Delorean to go to 1885, meets his great great grandfather. He gets  to hold his own great grandfather for a moment before he heads out to save Doc Brown. Doc Brown realises the danger he is in and helps Marty to save him and himself and return to 1985. In the process Doc Brown also finds love. Tannen is taken care of.

All the drama and fun and excitement of the first one. I loved the use of the patterns of how generations of McFly's and Brown's are harassed by the Tannen's and how the issues are sorted out. Great characters and superb entertainment. Now to find part 2.

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