Monday, August 21, 2017

Are You Experienced - William Sutcliffe

Very, very funny says The Times and they are not joking. It really is. It has been a long while since a new author has made me laugh out loud. William Sutcliffe is gifted and I enjoyed reading this book for more reasons than one. It is funny in that endearingly British way, it is about a trip to India and he writes about his escapades with such honesty and such insight into human nature that you cannot help but laugh.
Penguin, 233 p. Rs. 510
Dave is a young nineteen year old who had some time to kill before he joins University. He is from London by the way. He meets his friend who has a girl friend Liz and it turns out that the friend is going off some place in Asia on some serious travel. Liz has her eyes set on going to India for a spiritual experience. Dave, once he finds his friend gone out of sight, sets his sights on Liz who encourages him amply and they end up progressing from back rubs to making love. 'There's nothing between us,' says Liz and Dave plays along. And when Liz proposes that Dave join her on the India trip he jumps at the offer thinking that it would enhance his sexual opportunities with her.

India is a whole different ball game and Dave is frightened out of his wits. He cannot enjoy the weather, the people, the crowds, the traffic, the driving, the beggars and would rather be holed up in bed reading Wilbur Smith. They meet Jeremy who has a good idea of India, Ranj a British Indian who is out to lay as many white women as possible before his imminent engagement and then they meet Fee and Caz. By then Liz is thoroughly disgusted with Dave and his crude ways and his disinterest in anything Indian and the three girls ditch him. Dave is scared to go out and explore India alone but  he does and after a bad case of running stomach in Bangalore, finds his feet and even some love. He bumps into Caz and Fee in the end and ends up making love to one of them so its not a total loss for him. He also meets Liz in the flight back home.

It made me laugh so much many times that Sutcliffe now ranks high on my list of authors to read. The way he describes the reactions between the women and Dave is absolutely hilarious. Fabulous characters, superb situations and a lovely understanding of the main character Dave. Highly recommended for anyone who has a funny bone. Loved it. Now want to read his other books.


Abhinay Renny said...

Interesting sir. Will definitely read this book :D

Harimohan said...

Hey Abhinay, Gave it to Vinod. You can borrow it after. You will enjoy reading. :)