Monday, August 7, 2017

The Shop Around the Corner - Movie Review

Listed 28 in AFI's top 100. The 1940 movie based on a Hungarian play is as cute as a romantic comedy can be. Sharp dialogue, clearly developed characters, superb writing and a smooth ending. James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan are perfect as are the rest of the cast.

A handsome young man, manager in a Budapest shop, is secretly communicating with a girl through letters. They have not met yet but love the letters they get from their secret pen pals. A new girl joins the shop as a salesgirl but the young manager is not too fond of her, nor is she of him - they have opposite tastes and likes and dislikes. (It's clear that these two are the secret communicators to us.) On the day that the manager is to meet his secret friend, he loses his job and decides not to meet her. But he realises that his feisty young colleague is the same as the letter writer and he goes in to have some fun at her expense. She brushes him off and tells him that her friend is expected, far better than a shop manager can ever aspire to be. One thing leads to another and the shop owner realises that the manager is not at fault and makes him the chief manager of the shop. The two young lovers meet and its a happy ending.

Lovely. I love the classics.

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