Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trolls - Movie Review

Nice animated movie. Trolls are tiny happy creatures - singing, hugging and dancing. But they are under threat by the sad and depressive Bergens (ugly fellows who are dark also) who feel they can never be happy. The only taste of happiness they get is when they eat a troll. It is perhaps a myth floated by the villaness chef of the Bergens - an ugly woman who wants to become queen.

Anyways the trolls escape the yearly feast of the Bergens where they eat trolls and experience happiness. The trolls are not found for a long time. Meanwhile the king of the Bergens banishes the villainous chef. Far away from danger the trolls are happy singing songs and dancing until one day they are found, thanks to some loud partying, and some of them captured. The Princess of the trolls decides to get those captured trolls back and she is accompanied by her morose beau. Together they get their trolls back and also show the Bergens a way to find happiness within themselves - without adding trolls for taste.

Anjali and Mansi enjoyed themselves thoroughly. My job was limited to serving them popcorn, cola and stuff.

Prasad's Multiplex was deserted thanks to the purging of the black money that's going on and the shortage of cash in the market. There were 8 people in the theatre, none when we entered. 20 cars. 30 people in the mall. Unbelievable.

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