Thursday, November 10, 2016

Interesting Effect of the Black Money Purge

I went to watch a movie at prime time - the 6 pm show at Prasad's multiplex. 'Trolls' is an animated movie and Anjali had been requesting me for a while now. So we picked Mansi and went to see the movie. The visuals tell the story. 8 people inside the hall, not more than 20 cars in the parking.
At the screens - 6 pm show
The screens - 6 pm

The food court - 8 pm

The Box Office 8 pm

The parking lot
No money. No business. Everyone sits at home.

The good life. 


Rajendra said...

You picked a "good day" before the madness returns.

Harimohan said...

Yes. Loved it. The kids were thrilled to have the hall to themselves.