Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thought for the Day - The Connection Between Complete Attention, Clarity and Love

In many ways the approach of love helps us to make the right decision in every situation. Even in the midst of turmoil or anger, resentment or stress, in situations that pose us the biggest dilemmas, if we ask ourselves this question - how can I approach this situation with love - I suspect we would come out winners.

A dose of love brings with it complete attention, stillness and clarity. Not to mention a soft and yielding approach which is the toughest to break.

From the customer at work to the relationships at home, dealing with the world at large with love enables sharper and clearer thinking, provides the space to think through and react or respond from a space that is not driven by fear. Fear is the opposite of love - so all decision making gets instantly converted to better decisions thanks to the love-based approach and not the fear-based approach.

What does the love-based approach feel like?

Let's say I am entering a meeting, a negotiation, an agreement. My initial reaction would be one of fear. Will I be taken advantage of? Will I lose? Will they win? Will I be made a fool of? All these questions are fear based and will restrict and mess with my thinking capacity.

But if I approach the situation with love, fear goes out of the window. I am already more secure. I am not here to  be hostile, I approach with love. It's easier for me to ask, to step back, to allow spaces, to seek soft spaces and properly address them without fear ruling my thoughts. I also affect the other person with my approach.

With love, I can give complete and full attention to what I have at hand - be it work or a person. When I give complete attention, I also have clarity of thought that is not obfuscated by fear. I can see and experience the stillness, and the answer that comes shining through it clearly. Love is inclusive, is gentle, forgiving and empowering.

In every thought and action, seek the approach of love.  

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