Friday, November 25, 2016

Anjali - Interview at 8 and a Half

We did this a while ago and I have not finished it then (she's now nine...I need to do her ninth year interview soon). But when I asked Anjali if she would like to complete it now she says it was an old interview and should be as it is. So it will remain as it is I guess.
Cartwheeling at Golconda

Q. How's life at 8 1/2?
A. Awesome.

Q. What's awesome?
A. Awesome is awesome.

(Ok, Rephrase the question.)

Q. What do you like about life? Tell me 25 things.
A. Ice cream. Mansi. Nanna. Mamma. Baba. Shuttle badminton. Max (her cousin's dog). TV. Kindle. 101 games. Pancakes. Tarak Mehta (TV serial). Ice and water (game). Miskil (cousin). Satish Mama (uncle). Cornflakes. School. Me. Nivedita aunty. Vidur (her son). Cooking (chai, omelette). Kabaddi. Cricket. Chitra's house. Chitra. Kalyani aunty (her class teacher). Harsh. Yasvantt. Tinkle.

Q. Who makes you laugh?
A. Nanna. Mamma. Harsh (friend). Kartikeya (friend). Baba. Satish mama.

Q. What makes you scared?
A. Snakes.

Q. What makes you happy?
A. Ice cream.

Q. What makes you sad?
A. Bottle gourd.

Q. What was your biggest achievement so far?
A. Winning International silver medal in IEO (English competition). Also becoming friends with Max (cousin's dog). Also teaching tricks to Max.

Q. How'd you feel when Mamma went to the USA for 40 days?
A. Happy and sad. Happy because I could get up late and also sad because there's no Mamma.
Long road ahead

Q. When you feel down who do you talk to?
A. I write it down in my diary. Makes me happy. I feel like I am telling someone. I tell Mamma. You. Sometimes.

Q. What do you like about people?
A. Fun people (I was writing that part left handed which she found very funny). Like this. Energetic people.

Q. What do you not like about people?
A. People with bad temper.

Q. Do you think your parents are funny? Me so tall and Mamma so short? Would you like different parents?
A. It's ok I guess. No. Don't want. Other parents are too strict.

Q. What do you think of yourself?
A. I think I am nice.

Q. Tell me 3 most interesting things you liked in the past year?
A. Badminton. Popcorn. Going to Coorg.

Q. How is life?
A. Life is interesting. SO many things to do. Ups and downs.

Q. What do you think will happen when people grow up?
A. We'll become what we want to be.

Q. What will you be when you grow up?
A. A tennis player.

Q. Can the world be more fun? How?
A. Yes. Spread more happiness.

Q. How should school be? Any better way?
A. They should have dance every day.

She interviewed me a bit
Q. What;s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Me. Butterscotch (not really..but I could not think of anything else).

Q. You favorite color?
Me. Purple.

Q. Why?
A. I just like it. It's nice.

Q. Favorite food?
A. Rice and chicken curry. Sitaphal. Pongal Vada

That ended our interview. 

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