Friday, November 4, 2016

Diwali - The 1' O Clock Crackers

On Diwali night, at precisely in the morning, one sadistic bunch set off the most deafening lot of crackers for a full 15 minutes. The sound was the loudest I have heard ever, the length of the time the longest. Everywhere else in the night the sounds of crackers had died, people had probably slept, animals just got their breath back, and then this bunch decides to set it off. It was one of the families in the neighbourhood, brimming with enthusiasm and religious fervour surely.

What kind of a perverse enjoyment is this I wonder? I would not be surprised if someone walked up and committed some violent acts on these persons. It was in such bad taste and timing.

To add salt to our wounds, I could hear the sound of laughter, of congratulations, after the madness ended. Religion? Society? Health? Taste? Entertainment? What is this in aid of?

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Vetirmagal said...

Cheap show offs. Every area has these insensitive morons who think only of their thrills. We also suffer every year.