Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thought for the Day - The Connection Between Love and Ego

There are two ways to approach things. One with love and another with ego.

The harsher way is the ego driven one where we are separate from all else and we are doing stuff, despite everything against us. It's is all about me, my troubles, them and their conspiracies. I am the superhero and all else cease. Simply put, ego divides, separates, threatens, makes you feel insecure and adds tons of drama. It is rigid, brittle and hard and forces things. It makes things difficult and tough.

The gentler and easier way is to approach things with love. It merges with the rest, it is malleable, it is strong and does not compare. It allows all options to show up, allows us to flow into nooks and crannies with the world and bond with the other tightly. It allows us to approach with a smile and face setbacks with love. It's a peaceful space that allows us to feel the vulnerability of being one with the other, to build power gently, to make things immediate and forever. Love makes things easier.

How do I approach things with love?
Step back. Be ok with whatever is happening. The thing about the ego is that you have to be in control. It helps to give up control. In love no one is in control - all are equal, all are helping each other along.

Build things together with wonder. Breathe. Smile.

When you do things with love, there's a way they touch others deeply. It shows. It comes back.
In a smile.

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