Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Cricket Lessons - Stillness Is the Key

After a long time I batted again today. This time I could see that my eyesight minus glasses was a shade worse than before. The ball was blurring but I could see it enough - so I proceeded to bat minus helmet as I am used to. The bowlers were good - Kartik, Sukhen, Shashank and Rawat. I prepared myself to settle in and find my balance and timing.

After a while, when the ball started coming at greater speeds, especially when Kartik, the quickest among all of them, bowled his first ball I realised I hurried into a shot in a hurry. More out of being unsure if I could handle it. I missed it and looked and felt pretty stupid. It was crude, shaky and inelegant.

It would never work I realised. I need a better way to handle the pace. And the spin.

The next ball by Kartik, I stopped moving about, and went into a still zone as he was about to bowl. Full concentration, but absolute stillness. I went completely still. And I realised I could see the ball coming at me clearly, and could play it easily. What a difference from that shaky, out-of-control moment a while ago. Every ball after that - all I had to do was go absolutely still for a moment before the bowler bowled, and it took over. I did not push, did not pre plan, did not hurry - I stayed and responded to the ball as it evolved. The ball was clearly visible, my movements were fully in control and suddenly I was in control.

I even ran Kartik down to third man easily - needs total stillness.

Just that - when the bowler was about to deliver - I was totally still. The fast bowlers and the slow bowlers - all became easy to play. It was incredible to see the difference in my reaction or rather, response.

Stillness heightens concentration.

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