Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Too Had a Love Story - Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh is a hugely popular romance writer. Whenever I ask the Landmark Bookstore salesmen about the biggest book events they have had, they always mention Ravinder Singh as a popular draw. The girls just love him.
I saw this book lying at home and decided to read it. It's his first. Not too far into the book, you get the feeling that there is something real about it. There is an honesty, an authenticity that fiction can never achieve. The only part that does not stick is when Ravinder Singh tries to make light of his huge tragedy. Ravinder Singh's novel starts with his college days, slips quickly into his job and then a search for a marriage partner which ends with his meeting the effervescent Khushi. An intense long distance affair later, they meet. Parents, escapades, a deeper connect and we are all set for love when tragedy strikes.

It's a tough story to write and Ravinder Singh does full justice to it. He is honest and keeps it honest. He deserves all his success. No better tribute to Khushi and his love, and for all such loves.

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