Saturday, November 5, 2016

Radical Manifestation Workshop – The Fine Art of Creating All You Want

The tag line says it all – “the fine art of creating all you want”. As with everything else, there is a process to manifesting things and getting what you want. There is a reason why some people manifest things easier than others and why some do not. The ones who do, follow the process.

We can all benefit by understanding this tried and tested process. With constant practice and an understanding of how it works, we can master the method and create what we want.

The ‘Radical Manifestation’ process is developed by Colin Tipping and has been in use for the past 20 years. It uses tools and techniques that prepare the mind and improve its consciousness. It helps you to ask for what you want and to receive it. The tools taught in the workshop supercharge the Law of Attraction.

What would you like to manifest?What if someone asks you - what would you like to manifest? It’s always difficult to answer this question. I find it extremely difficult.

Money. Material Possessions. Relationships. Peace. Happiness. Abundance. And more.

How clear are you about what you want, how comfortable are you with the idea of asking for it and how prepared are you to receive if it does become a reality?

Is it possible to manifest them by ourselves?
Though we’d like many things (including all of the above) we also have a sinking feeling that we are not destined to possess them. There is a reason why we feel so – our conditioning, our beliefs – make us believe that it is not within our power to do so. But there are ways to overcome these obstacles in our way. The Radical Manifestation workshop shows how to create what you truly want, how to bring peace around your money and material possessions and allow abundance to flow into your life,

The Radical Manifestation Workshop
The content of the 1 day workshop is developed by Colin Tipping of the Radical Forgiveness Institute of Atlanta. It includes the following
· Assumptions, Theory, an introduction to RM Tools, Practice of the tools
· Six Steps to Radical Manifestation
· PowerShift Group Experience (Group Activity)
· Meaning of Money - Your Money Personality
· Practicing the Money Consciousness Worksheet
· Raising Your Income Set Point
· The Money Game (Optional)

The ‘Money Game’, an optional aspect to the workshop, shows you how your money consciousness plays out when you deal with money. It requires you to actually play the game with real money. Since it is a game, you must be prepared to win or lose. You may end up with more or less than you came with. It is about the flow of money and provides an understanding into your unconscious relationship with money. It is exciting, fun, and very, very enlightening. It prepares you to deal with money once you start manifesting larger amounts.

Why This Workshop?
The workshop gives practical, down-to-earth methods, tools and useful information to manifest. It is experiential and helps you to fully integrate the material at the deepest level.

The Facilitator
Shobha Nargundkar is a Radical Forgiveness and Radical Living Coach, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist and Workshop facilitator. She trained with Colin Tipping, at the Radical Forgiveness Institute at Atlanta, USA and has coached and helped hundreds of people through her workshops, individual coaching and therapy sessions.

Workshop Schedule 
Time : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM ( 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm Money Game)
Date : 12th November, 2016, Saturday.
For more details call/email : 9848344671,

Radical Manifestation is a process and the workshop provides a powerful introduction to your beliefs about money. With increased awareness of your own beliefs and of the process, you can, by practicing it, improve your money consciousness.

My ExperienceI did a 3-day Radical Manifestation workshop a decade ago. It was money very well spent. I learned many things about my money consciousness (non-existent), my money beliefs and it made me aware of an important aspect of my life - money. I was wanting things on one hand and was actively working against them on the other hand. My awareness since the workshop then, has been constantly growing. In material terms much of what I had wanted to manifest has been created in the past decade and of course there is still much more to learn. I am happy to say that the practice is getting more and more fine tuned. I’d recommend the workshop without reservation. It will change your life in more ways than one.

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