Saturday, November 5, 2016

Anjali - And the Cat

After many attempts at getting herself a pet dog (and after some dead pet fish), Anjali adopted a stray cat. A small one she calls Maya. Maya comes every morning (I think she lives there under the washing machine - by the back door) and looks rather sadly into the house all the time. Anjali gives it some Whiskas (she made me buy it) and milk at some preset times.
Maya is a tiny speck on the far right - but that expression cannot be missed
One of those times is 7 in the morning. It is a common sight these days to see Anjali rushing out of bed and hurrying straight to feed the cat (who is already waiting with big, sad eyes). There is another time in the evening. She did some training as well - by not giving Maya food until she stayed back. Some research also was done on how to identify if Maya was a male or female cat and it appears that it is female. I don't know how.

Currently the arrangement is working out well for Maya. And Anjali of course. She is quite happy with this situation.

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