Monday, November 28, 2016

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Movie Review

Jude Law is Lemony Snicket and he is typing the story of the Baudelaire children who have been chosen to face the unfortunate events. Violet is the oldest (good at making things), Klaus her younger brother who reads up thousands of books and the youngest sibling Sunny, who bites every thing she can. Armed with these qualities they rush headlong into the first unfortunate event - their house (along with their parents) has mysteriously burned down. They are taken by their friendly banker to their Uncle Olaf who is an evil Jim Carrey and he subjects them to much trouble.

They escape his plans to kill them - by stranding them on a railway track. They escape his evil designs and the kindly banker next takes them to their neurotic aunt - Meryl Streep - who lives in a crazy house on a cliff. Count Olaf somehow sneaks back into their life in a different disguise. More unfortunate incidents. Count Olaf almost tries to marry Violet - he is trying to get their wealth of course - but she escapes again. Count Olaf is finally caught and locked away and I think its all over and the movie ends. And there was Dustin Hoffman too in a couple of scenes.

Different. The key to good children's stories and movies is to make them as horrid as you can. They seem to love it. For example - kill their parents and burn their house in scene one. Got it!

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