Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Anjali - But They Are Doing it For Your Own Good No Nanna

Yesterday my publisher called and said that the current demonetisation situation has affected the publishing industry as well and that the original schedule of printing and publishing my next book 'This Way Is Easier Dad' would now have to be postponed. I was half expecting this scenario. What was to be published in December (so close!) may now go to April. It was a bit disheartening but it made a lot of sense too.

Since Anjali had asked me about the book release a few days ago I decided to tell her as well.
'The publisher said that the book will get delayed Anjali,' I said. 'Maybe April.'
'Oh, April,' she said and nodded her head.

'Why?' she asked.
I told her the reasons they gave me - slow down in sales, uncertain situation etc.

She heard me out and shrugged.
'But they are only doing it for your own good no Nanna,' she said. 'It's ok.'
I smiled and said 'Yes, whatever happens is for our good.'

This is in sharp contrast to a conversation I had with my friend in the morning. I told him that the book release was now delayed by a few months. Why, he asked. I gave him the reasons. They are being stupid he said. They are doing this to look good. How will this affect them. They are simply making an issue. I told him that publishing houses make a business of selling books and so much work has gone into this book - why would they want to look good and to whom? But I could not get him to see past a conspiracy theory, a dangerous politically motivated angle.

I think I prefer Anjali's perspective.

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