Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Anjali - I am Fully Both

While discussing about a classmate at school Anjali said 'Her mother's name is also Anjali. So someone said that's probably because we're both Marathi.'
She was quite thrilled with the idea.

'But you're only half Marathi,' I said gently pulling her leg.
'No, I am fully Marathi,' she insisted playing along.
'You're half Telugu and half Marathi' I said again. 'I am Telugu and Mamma is Marathi.'
'But my mother tongue is Marathi,' she said sticking to her argument. 'So I am Marathi.'

I had no answer for that. There is no father tongue. She got me there.

She felt bad for me and conceded.
'I am both Nanna.'

I smiled.
'But I am fully Marathi and fully Telugu,' she declared.

Hmm. That's a nice way of looking at it. Instead of being half-half, be full. Or even doubly full.
What was till then - half or even a mixed half, now became two fulls. How empowering is that!

If only we could take the best out of all that makes us. Wow!

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