Monday, November 9, 2015

Thought for the Day - The Connection Between Being in the Present and Being Tense

It's funny, but there is really no 'tense' when we are in the present. So there is only present - no present 'tense'.

However the past and future are perfect as 'tense's. They add tense moments to our lives surely.

In the present, the intense present, the past and the future dissolve. There is no question of being tense in the present without those two drama queens. In the present we only respond to what is. Not what had been and what could be.

The response comes from a pure space, not loaded by any regret, resentment, fear. It is as one should be - equal.

Since whatever we are dealing with gets our complete attention, we are at peak concentration (our present - minus the worry of the past and anxiety of the future )- the quality of work gets that much better. When the quality of work gets better there is nothing to be tense about really.

You could say - but we may get delayed - there is always the question of time pressure. In the complete present time dissolves and / or wraps around and accommodates itself. Great jobs get done much faster with total concentration at our disposal. On the other hand, when we worry about time, stuck in the past and the future, we dispersing concentration and end up reworking or spending longer at the job on hand.

In every way, the present beats the other two 'tenses'. It specially is a great antidote for stress or tension as it pulls all concentration into it. Time has no bearing.

The present is not a 'tense'.

Try staying there. You find that nothing matters, except what matters most. Even matters that bother you when they come to you into your present, are dealt with as they should be. The present is the connection to the divine. It's what we need to extend, our time in the present.

To breathe. To feel. To be aware of the now. That's the present. Catch yourself.

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