Thursday, November 5, 2015

Anjali - A Gift For Harsh

This one never ceases to amaze me.

Even before we left to Bangalore Anjali was preparing for her friend Harsh's birthday. She had crafted for him a birthday card - an elaborate affair with designs and stickers and stuff. Harsh was not expecting us to come back in time to attend his birthday party so it was supposed to be a big surprise for him. Anjali would stage her return just in time for the party.

She had not decided on a gift for him though. (I suggested a copy of 'The Men Within' since he loves playing cricket. She dismissed the idea.) While shopping in a store in Bangalore she saw a bat and gloves and told her mom that she wanted those as a gift for Harsh. Shobhs called me from the shop and asked if she should pick them up. I told her to tell Anjali that she could look for more choice in a sports shop the next day. But if she wanted to stick with what she had already selected, it was fine.

Anjali wanted the best. She postponed the purchase. There's something about postponing gratification - it's not easy and it comes from a space of love.

As we reached Hyderabad we dropped in at Decathlon at the Shamshabad airport. Anjali came with me to pick the bat. I found a good one for her and she took it happily, taking a stance and playing a shot or two to check if it was comfortable. She picked a tennis ball to go with it as well.

While we were selecting the bat I asked her why she thought of buying a bat for Harsh.
'You know how crazy he is about cricket,' she said. 'He is always playing inside his house. He has a ball strung from the ceiling and practices with it. The other day I saw that the rubber on his bat was torn. I thought he might like a new bat.'

Ah, how I wish I had friends like this when I was playing with my broken bats with torn grips.

When we went home she wanted to pack it. 'Pack a bat?' I asked. 'Yes,' she nodded and went off. I could not imagine how anyone can pack a bat and ball but in a while she reappeared. What she did with packing that bat and ball in gold and blue foil is something that took my breath away. It was beautifully gift wrapped, in one piece. This Harsh is a lucky fellow.

And then we were off to his house earlier than other guests. Harsh Fozdar who did not expect Anjali for his birthday party was in for s surprise as Anjali walked in to his house, straight from Bangalore, a rather large gift in her hand. I wasn't there to capture the moment but I guess it must have been nice.

I asked Anjali later how he reacted.
'He does not show anything. Just normal.'

I told Anjali that I wished I had friends like her and that I envied Harsh.
She smiled in an embarrassed manner.

'I am friends with you too na Nanna,'s she reassured me. That's comforting to know. I'd like to have friends like her anyday.

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