Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Validation - An Attitude of Gratitude

A student of mine Mahesh Reddy writes. It's the frist thing I saw this morning.

"hello sir ..this is mahesh from school of management studies(uoh) and i got selected in TCS as a business analyst ..i would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to you. You are one of the main reasons behind my success as u gave enough motivation and valuable inputs, suggestions(what not..) all these helped me in getting this success ...and i would also like to thank JYOTHI ma'm for providing an opportunity to have session like that.....thanking you sir once again (you are my guide for ever) i can't be any happier than this at the moment..."

If I were to look for one representative story that makes my time and workshops at the School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad worth the trouble, this could be the one for me. Mahesh was an earnest, diffident yet courageous and clear headed young man whom I remember well from the two day workshop. I could sense a deep desire to learn and to grow, an inherent humility and integrity which he retained, as he coped with life. in fact all the students were, as they stepped into life and I remember most. 

Thanks Mahesh. Wishing you well in your career, your life. I will certainly be available to guide you every way I can. Do keep in touch.

I am most impressed that Mahesh remembered to write and thank me and Jyothi madam. This was a workshop we had done almost two years ago when his batch were still freshers. This attitude of grtitude will him well in his life. At a time when we wonder if what we are sharing makes any sense at all - ethics, process, preparation, hard work, integrity, honesty - this message comes as a strong validation.

This message is also a great validation for Prof. Jyothi who believed that these workshops, vague as they may appear to others (excellence, empowerment?) would work.

They say that a teacher's greatest reward is in seeing the success of his students. In seeing the seeds of thought she has sown grow and bear fruit. I now get a sense of what it means.

Ah. Meanwhile, let me enjoy contentment as it rains on me. It is as happy a day for me as for Mahesh.

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