Friday, November 27, 2015

1 Day Leadership program - Move From Insecure Leadership to Personal Responsibility

The 1-day Leadership program went off well.

Some feedback
"Learned about evolution of leaders and leadership, process of performing as a leader. My goal is to move from personal leadership to a secure leadership style."

"Great opportunity. So much energy and knowledge. I am already feeling that I can also be a secure leader by following the steps given to me."

"Very good session. Learned a lot. Understood leadership process. Leadership traits. Human relationship management."

"Excellent discussion about leadership. Simple real life examples to explain complex scenarios. How to resolve conflict and benefits of focussing attention on positives."

"Learnt how to communicate with team and superiors, understanding capabilities of self and team, how to plan and achieve goals within target time, taking feedback from others, giving feedback to others, sharing knowledge, time management, overcoming anger. Had a great time. Will help me improve in professional, personal and social areas."

"Leadership qualities, how to plan, how to improve relations."

"Planning, discipline, vision, appreciation, exchange of views, time sense."

"Initiative, understanding of role, being in sync with management and team about goal. Will help me immensely to understand the process of being a leader."

"Open and healthy discussions. Able to relate to real time experiences and learnt how to manage them effectively."

Thanks all. Announcing the next soon.

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