Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anjali - Pack My Gift For Me

I never saw anything like this before.

Anjali wanted to buy herself a gift on Children's Day. I gave her a budget of 100 bucks. (She hates my budgeting and tells me - draw money from my account. I want to buy with my own money.)

Anyway she chose, of all things, a fountain pen. It came with a bottle of ink and a dropper. Vinod will be happy to hear this.

We paid for the stuff and were on our way to get some gifts wrapped for a birthday. Anjali said 'I want my gift wrapped too.'

After the other two gifts were wrapped, she waited patiently as they wrapped her gift. They gave it to her, minus the card, knowing it's her own gift. But she handed them the card and had that stuck on the gift.

Then she wrote on it - From Anjali to Anjali. And then, only then, did she gift herself the gift.

It's not a bad attitude. To treat yourself specially. On par with any other special person of the day. I need to learn this quickly. I need to know that I am special enough to deserve special treatment - from myself.

What am I giving myself - from Hari to Hari?

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