Monday, November 9, 2015

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - When We Want to Save, We Lose

Whatever we want to save, to the exclusion of all else (be it money, time) - there's a good chance we will lose it.

Perhaps the focus here is on not losing - and not on earning more and enjoying the fact that it's there.

The way to look at it is perhaps this way - one must save in the normal course of things and not make saving it the end all. For example, I am working and I save a part. It gets saved. However if I save a bit and look at it as my savings and stop working and go on checking on my savings obsessively, the savings are bound to get stressed.

The focus perhaps must be on the work and savings become a part of our earnings. Not merely savings to the exclusion of all else. Then we could save up stuff in pots and pots (or in Swiss banks) but that's exactly where it will remain until we lose it somehow.

We could instead focus on work and enjoy the pleasure and reward it gives. It could leave us with a healthier outlook to life, to what we want to save. We do not need to save it then simply because it does not need saving!

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