Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bangalore Business Literature Festival - A Promising Start

The Bangalore Biz Lit Fest is a festival for business books. It's organised by Management Next. This was the first edition so it was a one day affair at the Century Club. Originally scheduled to be held on September 26, 2015,  it got postponed due to a bandh and was finally held on October 31, 2015.
A Break Out session in progress
I was invited to be part of a break out panel (i.e. not mainstream) called 'Hooking Bouncers'. My co-panelist was Dev Prasad, who wrote 'Pitch It' - a non-fiction book connecting cricketing thoughts to corporate strategy. I had to speak from the '50 Not Out' experiences. The panel was moderated by Sudheesh Venkatesh, Chief People Officer, Azim Premji Foundation.

I thought the sessions at the Festival were interesting - books that every entrepreneur must read, critique of Indian business books, business and technology, scams and corruption, unravelling the DNA of Indian entrepreneurs, Games Indians play. Vinita Bali was there for the inaugural session and the last session was by Subroto Bagchi. Other names - V. Raghunathan, Harish Bijoor, Anjum Rajabali. The break out sessions were about books that launch careers for young managers and students, critique of Bollywood movies based on bu sines realities, how to make creative pursuits pay and then hooking bouncers. There were workshops as well -business book writing, how to publish books, business article writing and screenwriting (paid).

The venue was lovely and central. I enjoyed catching up with young Chokappan and Sunil and then Rajesh joined us. Our session got delayed and clashed with the big daddy of the evening so there was hardly anyone at the session except die-hards. It was nice to meet Shinie Antony after a long time. She played a big role in putting this festival together as the Director and co-founder. I did not get a chance to meet Benedict Paramanand who is the CEO of this venture. Shinie stayed back for our session to make the numbers perhaps. I enjoyed the discussion however, and the place.

Sudheesh moderated the discussion with an expert touch and made it lively and meaningful. Questions ranged from importance of ethics, changing role of leaders in today's times, role of luck in success, role of mentors and how much they can help, does process play a part in success, what innovation is really - all questions connected cricket to business - so it was thought provoking as well as interesting.

But this festival has potential I feel and can turn out to be bigger if played out well.   

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