Thursday, November 12, 2015

Anjali - Imagine There Is Nothing To Do

'I have so many things to do Anjali,' I complained. 'What do I do?'
We were walking in the super market. I had several things pending, all of them seemingly important and urgent.

'Stop worrying about all those things,' she said. 'Imagine you have nothing to do.'
I made a face.

'Then how will I get any work done?' I asked.
Pat came the reply.
'Then pick one job and do it. Think that is the only job you have and complete it. After that you pick the next job. That way you have only one job at a time and you will not worry about having too many.'

Made immense sense.
'Who told you that?' I asked suspiciously.

She laughed. 'No one.'

Then she was back to her normal mischievous self.

'Ok, now you can stop imagining,' she said.
Ok. To pick one important job and do it. Thanks coach. Much appreciated.

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