Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anjali - A Lesson in Energy Management

'Maybe I should not get angry,' I told Anjali.
We were on the way to school after I had an argument with Shobhs.
She nodded in agreement.

'That's what I do,' she said.
'Do what?' I enquired.
'When someone shouts at me even I feel like shouting. But what's the use? The roof will break with all that shouting.'

'So what do you do?' I asked.
'I go lower,' she said, using her hand to show how she steps down the energy. 'We should go lower, so the other person also goes lower, then you go more lower, and then the other person also, and it is over.'
'What happens if we don't? I asked.

'Then it goes higher,' she said, showing the step by step way in which arguments rise. 'It will go higher and higher and higher and hit the roof.'
This time, I nodded. I could use this.

It's the best class in energy management I have had. Now to remember that visual of hands going lower, step by step.

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Rajendra said...

good idea-she could be a self-help trainer soon.