Tuesday, November 24, 2015

1 Day Leadership Program - Cracking the Leadership Code and Building Ownership Muscle

I've announced a 1 - day leadership program for middle level managers on November 26, 2015.
Some details.

Leadership can be learned like any other skill. A good leader makes a significant difference to individual and team performance. Leadership skills bring the best out of people, grow teams and achieve results.

Leadership does not need a position. It is an attitude, an action, a feeling of ownership. This is why ownership and leadership are linked. Good leaders understand how ownership transforms.

Program Rationale
‘Cracking the Leadership Code – Building Ownership Muscle’ is a 1 day workshop that aims to deconstruct the craft of leadership and create secure leaders. The workshop is a reflective, experiential program. It combines storytelling, role play, corporate and cricket analogy and exercises. It involves reflection on leadership traits, leadership styles and practice of leadership.

Learning Objectives
1. Understanding and deconstructing leadership
2. Identifying leadership attributes
3. Committing to Personal Leadership / Ownership, Practicing Secure Leadership
4. Mapping responsibility, growth of self and team

Who Should Attend
Executives who are change agents. Individuals who wish to experience the power of personal leadership and route to high performance.

Program Structure
The program consists of 4 sessions
Session 1- Leadership deconstructed, reconstructed
Session 2 – Leadership styles, process
Session 3 – Practice of leadership, ownership, responsibility
Session 4 – Behaviors and rewards, responsibility and growth, people management

Key Takeaways
Integrate leadership attributes to enhance personal leadership qualities
·         Understand leadership process
·         Practice leadership, take higher responsibility
·         Experience personal leadership and high performance
·         Practice secure leadership, delegation, people management and conflict management
·         Importance of Trust, Belief, Empathy in people management
        That is a lot of stuff to cover in a day. 

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Unknown said...

I am very grateful to you sir .took the time out of your busy schedule to address our small group.a most valuable addition, you have given a great sense to us to leading a secure leader ship ,,,,,

Hope to attend some more sessions in future.