Thursday, September 25, 2014

The New Age Cinema Theatre Behavior

This is theatre behavior I noticed yesterday while watching a movie.

1) Talk loudly on cell phone (and lie about where you are)
2) Kick the seat in front of you as often as you can
3) Talk to your gang of friends as loudly as you can using all cuss the words you know
4) Discuss loudly whether to move into the front rows and then start giggling
5) Stamp over everyone's feet while moving out and giggle again
6) Have cell phone with atrocious tone ring loudly
7) Drop eatables and soft drinks on any one in the way if you can
8) Eat tonnes, tonnes of stuff - popcorn, soft drinks, nachos - anything one can lay their hands on
9) Have little child scream his guts out and do nothing about it
10) Complain, complain, complain, complain - about lift, movie, people, food, prices, seats, color, sound, space to walk, timing

If you're lucky you get to see almost every single one of these behaviors.

In the good old days it was very exciting to hear the chaps comment on the movie, hear the sound of bangles when an amorous couple got busy, see paper confetti fly up and liven up the show with a magical moment, hear the sound of coins being thrown when songs and dialogues appealed to the audience and the odd time when chaps got up and started to dance in the aisles at a song.

You know, it was far more interesting really. 


Rajendra said...

you can forget the movie and watch these guys for fun..

Harimohan said...

Raja, There's no way you can ignore them...they are all over you.