Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Today's Leaders Want Us To Remain Backward

It is clear from most manifestos that most parties want the majority of the people to remain backward. They do not want people to work and grow, show enterprise and earn wealth. They'd rather people took doles, reduce themselves with low benchmaks and never reach their potential. This way the people would never become a threat to them. They can easily be bought over by promises of free this, free that. Caste, community, economic, there are several ways to keep people backward.

I can understand that the poor and the needy fall for these promises. But how do the parties and leaders look at themselves in the mirror when they make these promises? Do they not think how dangerous this attitude of dividing, of making lesser and lesser people, of promoting mediocrity can get? They do. Yes, of course. They know very well that they will create a class of people so removed from reality, so used to freebies, so used to mediocre thought, that the ruling class can forever shine as the rulers. It's nauseating, to use a recently used term.

The same mediocrity stretches over to leadership across the board. The BCCI is amazing in the manner it is conducting itself, or rather its President is conducting himself. How so few voices are being raised against him is a wonder, or is it? In fact many even praise him for being an able administrator. It is not just being an able administrator that counts, it is imperative that one also displays integrity when the time comes.

The paying class will be taxed ad nauseum, businesses will be troubled similarly. No one will be allowed to go forward and the backward will be kept backward by never raising the bar for them. And it all looks like they are doing them a favor really. It's like giving someone a low standard to reach and telling them that they are helping them. The only way one is helping them is keeping them low. If you want to truly help, raise the bar. Because they are as equal as anyone else.

The first leader who offers a freebie for no work should be banned from the elections. I am reminded of the NGO Goonj which gives poor rural people clothes, shoes and other things made out of urban waste. But they treat the poorest of the poor with dignity. The thought is that they never give anything for free. The people work together on a community project and earn their material. They do not need to fall at any body's feet. They can proudly wear stuff they earned.

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