Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kejriwal, Jayaprakash Narayan - Change the Focus

This comes off the law of attraction theory. What we focus on grows. Hence Mother Theresa is supposed to have said that she's for peace and is not anti-war (focus being on peace and not 'war'). Gandhiji has advocated non-violence and again the focus was on 'violence' when it could have been peace. I remember reading one of the philosophers, Osho perhaps, saying that Gandhiji actually perpetrated much violence on himself with all that he subjected his body to. Anyway, this is about the focus and the words.

Arvind Kejriwal could do better to change the focus of his campaign to one of efficiency, transparency of clean (or a better word) instead of anti-corruption where the focus is on corruption. More interestingly I saw the political campaign of Lok Satta party in Hyderabad headed by Jayaprakash Narayan, an erudite man, which is rather violent - Blow away all lies with the weapons of truth. With words like 'blow' and 'weapons' I am not too convinced about the agenda. Perhaps they can look at their focus again and rework their campaigns to create what they want and not unwittingly create something they do not want.

BJP says Nai Soch Nai Ummeed (new thoughts, new hopes) and also Sab ka saath sab ka vikas (with everyone, development for everyone). No problem with both. Congress went the Main nahin, hum (not me, we), with Rahul Gandhi's picture and Har Haath Shakthi, Har Haath arakki (Power to every hand, progress for every hand). OK stuff, but still not convincing, both. TDP in AP has a Inti Intiki TDP (TDP at every home) campaign. Weak, weak. Need more conviction guys. That way I like the MIM hoardings here that say 'Our work is our identity'. Nice clean campaign without too many messages, convincing and bold.

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