Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted - Movie Review

'It has everything,' said the six and a half year old. 'There is happiness, sadness, funniness. I liked everything about the movie. All the muppets. I found it very funny when Miss. Piggy hits Constantine in the helicopter.' Pretty emphatic from the target audience I'd say.

Muppets Most Wanted certainly had everything. Delightful characters, evil villain, compromised hero, romance, villain usurping hero's place, grand plans of stealing the Crown Jewels, intrigue, interesting characters from the police, a good looking jailer who falls for the loveable Kermit, what else do you want. Oh yes, some wonderful songs too.

The Muppets have just wrapped up a film and don't know what to do when they are made an offer by a leading agent Badguy (it's badgee in French he says, which means good guy) to go on a World Tour. The Muppets are not ready but get conned into it and off they go. Meanwhile the world's most dangerous frog Constantine escapes from  prison, a Siberian gulag, and sticks his trademark identification, a mole on his cheek, on Kermit who now looks like Constantine. Kermit is arrested and sent to Siberia. With Kermit out the way Constantine now becomes Kermit and leads the Muppets world tour in complete chaotic fashion. But there are deadly plans afoot between him and Badguy. The Muppets play along, Miss. Piggy almost marries Constantine. Will someone find out the truth? How will Kermit escape from  the Siberian gulag and the suffocating love of his jailer, the beautiful Nadya? And how do the two cops trace the real crime?

Lovely fare. I enjoyed a children's movie after a long time. No 3D was one great attraction. All those stars popping into small roles here and there was fun too - Salma Hayek, Tony Bennett, Christoph Waltz, P. Diddy, Lady Gaga and a host of others. The movie was fun, well made and like Anjali said, it had everything. Take your kids and go.

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