Monday, March 10, 2014

Common Man's Funding - Big Opportunities for Politicians To Cash In On

The opportunities for politicians are growing by leaps and bounds. Here are a few pain points they can easily address in their manifestos. Houses, cars, bikes, electronic goods etc are already being financed but now they need to go a step below because the common man has no money to buy anything else now.

Smart politicians can now promise to create easy loans for people to buy some essential items which they are struggling to pay for now. Small finance options, banks, institutions, World Bank etc can now be involved to provide this great help to the common man.

1) Loans to pay for cooking gas refills: With cooking gas now at Rs. 1500 or so, not many can shell out cash. Those who have cash don't need cooking gas because they all own gas companies. Financiers can now finance the entire year's stock of cooking gas and take the family's food security coupons or whatever as security backed up by their clothes, houses and other stuff.

2) Vegetables, Food: Again the prices are rather high and surely small financiers who can shell out some advances for a month or a year can benefit in many ways. Most people are not eating many food items any more these days thanks to the prices and these food items can now come back into fashion.

3) Power, Water bills: It is not easy to pay exorbitant power bills nor the water bills followed by tanker bills. Financiers can take advantage of the same and loan advances for the common man against the mortgage of house, family members and so on.

4) Fuel: Petrol and diesel are also difficult to buy with cash. Most buy this with credit cards. But there are a few who don't have credit cards. The political parties can advertise that they will make it mandatory that everyone is given a credit card. Or better still make the Aadhaar card a credit card which can go on till perpetuity, generations upon generations. The security will be future generations who will be mortgaged to the gas companies until all dues are cleared.

5) Mobile phone, Digital TV, Internet: Financing of these is important because this is how the political parties can reach us - television, social media etc. But since they are all so expensive and we do not know what we are paying for since they bill us for every ten days or so, it is time that small finances be arranged once again against the security of the house and future family members because all present members are already mortgaged. 

I can think of a few more but let me go and take a quick breather and come back. I need it. But don't you think it's rather funny that the same few names crop up when we think of all these services - from fuel and gas, vegetables and mobiles, television and mobiles.


Rajendra said...

engaging ways to engage the citizens/future customers, I must say.

Harimohan said...

Raja, Engaged, married - with no scope of divorce - ever.