Monday, March 3, 2014

Goal Setting and Preparation - Workshop

Had a nice half-day workshop on goal setting and preparation with three youngsters - Bhargav, Nikhil and Sannihith. What's to say that we were any different when we were their age, thirty years ago? They are smarter of course, and of that I have no doubt, but the idealism and the confusion of being torn between what they want and what they are 'expected' to want. A big call for the three lads because their finals are another 10 days away but they made it, sat through, participated well and returned hopefully, with a couple of things they can take to their lives.

We looked at goals, got some clarity, expanded their vision of their lives with the goals in them, understood the concept of enabling goals, aligned goals, filtered their goals. Having got clarity on what they want the boys then understood Carol Dweck's wonderful concept of Fixed and Growth oriented mindsets which is so clear and empowering, the 10000 hour rule to expertise and the 20 hour rule to competence. The key was to go for expertise, how effort cannot be ignored at all. Then we looked at the ways of preparation, the process, the barriers to receive stuff, and how to expand our consciousness to receive stuff through words, images and constant work.

I was impressed by their idealism (I always wonder how we as a society fail to bring that out and instead convert them into cynical humans), their desire to do good, to love, to achieve and hope and pray that all their goals come true. I loved their feedback too and will put some excerpts here.

Participant Feedback:
"I had a great time at the workshop today. Sir shared a lot of his personal experiences and views about life and how to achieve our goals. He really raised the spirit up in me. After I listed out all the goals, I now find myself confident enough that I can now go and achieve them. A few days ago I would have laughed if someone asked me if I could do it. I loved the experience. The way he told us how to approach things, how to plan them and practice and put in effort was really great. The workshop has certainly helped me gain a lot of confidence and faith in myself. - K. Sannihith

"Things that I have learnt - organising myself, having clarity in my goals, different types of mindsets and how to plan out. Most workshops would be like 4 or 5 hours. But this was was quite interesting - didn't know how the time flew away. Best part of the day was when you quoted "Effort is the key to mastery." - K. Bhargav (not my quote - from the book Mindset - A New psychology to Success by Carol Dweck)

"This workshop is simply good than the previous workshops I have been to. Due to this workshop of about 4 hours I have known what I am really capable of, what to I achieve or what do I want to achieve in future. It has given me clarity of how to set a goal and spend the time of my life. Thank you Hari sir." - Nikhil

Thank you fellows.

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