Monday, March 17, 2014

Where are the sarees?

It was the other day after a long, long while that I saw a young lady draped in a saree, looking as lovely as any sight could be. I was so taken in by the sight that I wondered what happened to the good, old saree. She looked so dignified, so beautiful and so feminine that I could not but gaze at such a graceful sight. There was something so complete about her as she shopped for some vegetables or fruits I forget which and I passed by in the traffic.

I do feel sad for the good old saree which has been nudged out by the more convenient clothes that urban women wear. Pretty as they are, the pants and slacks, the salwars and  pajamas do not hold a candle to the saree. Perhaps it is time for fashion to come full circle and the regal saree comes back into our public spaces.


ಭಾಶೇ said...

May be its because today's young girls are afraid of it.

My experience with Saree is here

Harimohan said...

Those experiences do sound scary. Maybe you have a point. But I hope someone finds a way to keep the saree in its place.