Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anjali - A New Definition of Loser

Now this was interesting. After inventing a few new words like 'Highover' (flyover) and some others that I cannot remember now, Anjali came up with a new way to look at the word 'loser'.
The 'Finder' in the process of finding

'I am not a loser,' she said yesterday. 'I am a finder.'

The opposite of loser does not become winner. Instead the opposite is a finder. Which is far more nicer and empowering.

The finder seeks, growth perhaps, irrespective of the fact that he or she may have lost or won. Finding new ways, new approaches, new meanings, the finder adds value, makes life more interesting and maybe even finds happiness in the process.

I love the new definition Anjali and thanks for sharing and opening our eyes to this possibility. So all losers of the world, don't worry, you can all morph into finders and hit the high road.

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