Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Wonderful Gift - Kindling My Passions

This is one of the best and it came out of the blue. Naresh called me and told me that he would like to share his books with me and that the time was ripe for a Kindle in my life. He suggested a model, said he'd buy it for me and before I knew what was happening it was all done. The Kindle HD arrived, and with it my life went into overdrive with a WiFi connection, Anjali is busy with some games (her excitement should be seen to be believed) and Shobhs is thinking of the millions of uses it has. I can see myself now carrying only the tab to my workshops and lectures and wherever once I get used to reading books on it.

It's beautiful and sleek. I still have not got my head around it and I will once these couple of days pass. From sharing music (or at least our half baked ideas about music in the 1983-84s) to sharing books and ideas now, its been a long journey with Naresha and I am just beside myself to think of this lovely, thoughtful gift he gifted me. Thank you Naresha. I treasure the music collection you shared with me years ago and I treasure this equally and more. I know what it means to share your music, your books with someone - they are pretty much your soul - and I feel honored that you find me worthy of sharing.

It's a wonderful life really and its these outpourings of affection that makes it all so beautiful. Aah! It's like a fine rain falling on me.


Dr. Seven said...

Wonderful thing indeed! Nikhil carries a kindle to school everyday in place of a super heavy History text book. He also has novels he has to read for English literature on there. It has made things quite convenient.

Harimohan said...

I can only imagine. Now if they can figure out a way to make it fold like a newspaper (we could swat flies too)!