Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Internship - Movie Review

This one was recommended by PV and I did find the hook funny. So I sat myself down yesterday and watched it. Two older (now when did Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson become old?) sales guys are out of work, irrelevant and anachronistic (they sell watches, get it!). Anyway they land jobs as interns in Google and are the oldest, most unskilled interns in their team. Intern teams have some competitions to pick the best and only two groups will stay on for permanent jobs. So begins the saga of us old-worlders and the googlers, the land of gold and honey, of youth and cutting edge intelligence, of gluttony and ambition. Actually its nothing like that - its just a good look at how good Google looks on the inside.

The story follows the formula. The two older guys are quickly seen as a liability by the team but they recover fast enough with their weird sense of the world and help the kids find their bearings in love, in topless bars, in sales and in team work. Some blips here and there and alls well and that ends well folks. But the movie did make me feel like a dinosaur. The good news is that I was feeling slightly uncomfortable being a dinosaur till yesterday but now I feel it may  not be a bad idea at all. The dinosaurs looked perfectly fine, certainly way more fun than the kids on campus and seemed to know a thing about getting around be it women, bars or in life. One for the dinosaurs. Passable fare.

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