Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Leading by Giving - Workshop at StratApps Day 2

Going into Day 2, we recapped yesterday's key points. The participants shared their rating on the key attributes of the ideal leader - Professional attributes being Decision making, process Orientation, Leading by example, Communication, Clarity and People Orientation. Personal attributes to develop were Listening skills, Being supportive, Honest, Optimistic, Committed and Cool and composed.

We discussed the 3 stages of leadership and examined them a bit more closely. Process-driven leadership was then taken up discussed and worked upon. The six keys of Goal clarity, Role clarity, Target setting, Inputs required, Communication and Performance appraisal were discussed. The participants made a vision board, where they carried their leadership vision to their area of work, and shared their findings.

Process-driven leadership is a simple process that can make the burden of leadership bearable. It requires some work though, and preparation,  to gain clarity about the goal, roles, capabilities, targets, processes, support, appraisal and communication. If one has worked on the process, most issues would be in control.

We discussed the concept of the Mindsets - Fixed and Growth oriented. PV shared the 1 minute manager. We would up with a video of the Panyee FC and its amazing journey. Lovely video.


rajaneesh said...

Fantastic sessions, so many takeaways. I feel lucky to be part in that group.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Rajaneesh. Do keep visiting the blog because I will keep posting stuff that we discussed here as well. Was great meeting and discussing leadership with you.