Sunday, March 9, 2014

Team Building Through Cricket - One Day Workshop for Vitesse

28 youngsters from a tech company all eager to learn and prove themselves gathered on March 7, 2014 at the ML Jaisimha Cricket Academy. A game that's known to everyone. An outdoor activity that is oriented to the principles of team building.

Game on
3 short games of indoor cricket with specific takeaways from each game and many more that can only come through by human dynamics. It was a whole day affair and a tiring exercise and I am always surprised at the enthusiasm the non-sportsmen and the women bring to their teams.

So you see the enthusiastic, the non-enthusiastic, the participative, the non-participative, the optimists, the pessimists, the hopefuls, the cynics, the killer instinct, the excuse seekers, the takers, the givers, all sorts and more.

Another view
But then they are young and I always feel the lot where all knowledge should be invested in and I have absolute pleasure in sharing the little I know.

Animated team, good involvement by everyone
The participation was pretty good and the feedback showed a high sense of perception in grasping some of the subtler concepts. That of common purpose, of the importance of the team and the key to building champion teams.
Discussion, intense debates, strategies, Team A

Most teams show up as a disparate bunch of individuals and show no intrinsic resilience. They can easily be blown away. The ones that submit to the unit develop some resistance still. They cannot be so easily blown away.

Team B in an equally intense discussion
But the strongest ones are those where each has a strong link, each knows one is bound by the other, and in the others good is his own good and the team's good.
Team A with the Winners Trophy

More on this later. But great work by Varun of ML Jaisimha Cricket Academy who organised it and did the strenuous job of umpiring and Sagar who helped with scoring and assisting. Thanks Dhananjay and Tanuja and Murthy for the opportunity.
Winners All Teams A and B, Wonderful participation
 And more importantly thanks to all the participants - (Team A) Chandana, Divyam, Phaneendra, Srikar, Sai Kiran, Vaibhav (C), Chakravarthy, Annapurna, Sri Harsha, Sumit, Kamal, Divya, Dinesh, Mohit, Murthy, Raju and (Team B) Narasimha, Madhu, Suneel, Praveen, Karthik, Sachin, Sailesh (C), Sachin, Kiran, Harinadh, Tanuja, Vikas, Sravan, Alok, Santosh, Kiran. Well done all. I hope you took away something that adds to your working knowledge of teams, as a leader and as a member

Some feedback:
Superb. Ultimate fun with good learning. This will seriously help us work as a team. - Sumit

Looked like a simple thing but had a lot to learn. I could co relate this to my daily work and I hope I can implement them to make things better. Recommend this to everyone who is employed and works in a  team environment. - Suneel

Interesting and effective. Learnt a lot. - Mohit

Learned things that really helped me - contributing to team, motivating team etc. - Narasimha

Program bought everyone together.  Initially I was reluctant but it was so good that I became interested and I thought that my team should win and I have to give my best. - Chandana

Memorable day in my life. - Sai

Learned how to be in a team and how to handle pressure. - Kamal

Need more such programs. - Tanuja

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