Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. Peabody and Sherman - Movie Review

Out at Prasad's with Anjali to watch this movie yesterday. We booked tickets on the net, made it in time, collected tickets, bought pop corn, coke, and settled down, 3D glasses and all. Here comes a wise old dog Mr. Peabody, who has achieved many things in life and is advisor to many heads of state. Sherman is his adopted boy. In case you're wondering still, Peabody is a dog.

The good news or what makes the story after that is that he has a time machine in which he takes Sherman on jaunts to meet the Egytians, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Leonardo da Vinci and on and on and on. Sherman goes to school, is bullied by a girl Penny, bites her and is under threat of being taken away from Peabody by the Child Safety department lady. To overcome the problem Peabody calls Penny's family home for dinner to sort things out. Turns out Penny gets Sherman to take her on time travel and Peabody has to rescue them from King Tut, the Trojans etc etc until it ends well.

I thought it was too complex for little kids to enjoy - time travel, space time continuum, all the characters and their funny puns is stuff most adults won't get. The visual effects were brilliant but I found the story a tad too weak because there's nothing much happening save the serial influx of superstars. Its like watching 'Om Shanti Om' with all the stars in one song. Come on guys, you can do better than have Agamemnon fall in love with Ms. Grunion or take a pot shop at Bill Clinton. Not for me, though Anjali said she enjoyed it. Not sure of it though because, she took off her 3D glasses when things got noisy and hectic and shut her eyes and ears.

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