Monday, February 24, 2014

The Search for Good Fuel in Hyderabad

Now that my favorite fuel station at Somajiguda has been shut down by the Metrology department for using faulty machines (I feel totally betrayed, I'd go there from far to fill in fuel) I am seeking fuel stations that dish out good quality and good quantity petrol. There is no way to really check except to follow some procedures that even the petrol company guys are not sure of, to test quality and quantity. If you somehow zero down to the right guy, you find bad service or bad layout. What's wrong with this?

So this morning, with my fuel indicator on almost zero I head out to drop Anjali at school knowing that there are a few bunks closeby and I am safe. First stop was at the Shell station in Yousufguda which appeared sealed - perhaps the metrology issues here too. Then I dropped Anjali and go to the Indian Oil bunk in Yousufguda and he says that they do not accept cards. This particular bunk never accepts cards and always comes with some excuse so I am not going there anymore anyway. I turned around and headed to the bunk in Srinagar Colony, on the road towards Krishna Nagar, another India Oil bunk, almost 2 kms away. Half their bunks are shut, they are filling in a car ahead, and he waves me away saying that he has no petrol. This bunk is also filled with whimsical attendants and there are more times I have been turned away from here than I have filled fuel. Now the indicator is dipping really low.

So I head out to the new one at the entrance of Srinagar Colony, close to Ratnadeep Super Market, one which is so badly designed that it cannot accommodate more than two cars at one time - the rest have to block up traffic in the road. The lines get intermingled causing more confusion, there is little help from the attendants again. I had to choice but to wait and well finally, I got the fuel, he accepted the card, and that was a job done.

I think of the next option. If I had not filled there I'd have to go to Punjagutta, Erramanzil, Jubilee Hills or Rajbhavan Road. I had half a mind to go to the Sivam Auto fuel station near HPS Begumpet which is well designed, is speedy of service, has attentive and focused attendants, enables filling of air etc and has no issue with taking credit cards. I wonder if there is a rating system for fuel stations. If there is, the good ones can make a killing by providing good service, good product and good design.


Rajendra said...

Fill it, shut it, forget it no longer applies, I can see.

Harimohan said...

True Raja. Where to fill it is the burning question now since some of the bunks are shut and others have a mind that is shut to providing service. But still, unless the prices go beyond our reach which they are threatening to do if Kejriwal is to be believed, we may not be able to forget it.