Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writing 'The Misfit' - Read it Aloud Stupid!

One thing that any one who is writing a work of fiction (or any writing in fact) needs to do before showing the work to someone else is to 'read the script' out loud. You cannot imagine how many glitches get evened out when doing this seemingly simple method of getting the flow and language right.

I used this tool while doing up the last two novels, normally did it in the last parts, but when I gave the manuscript of 'The Misfit' to Keerti this time I must confess I had not done it. So when I am rewriting and editing the manuscript now I can see how bad the construction of sentences is at times, how much it interferes with the flow and how easily it can be corrected by doing using this simple tool of reading aloud. Keerti mentioned it in her list of pointers to writers and I cannot tell you how important his is.

Anyone who wishes to improve on their reading and writing, and I see many students who want to do that, this is a great tool. First read out stuff from good sources, good novels, newspapers, magazines etc so you get a feel of the sentence construction, use of grammar etc. And then read out what you have written aloud, so you know where it is sounding off key. It will improve the writing tremendously. This is an absolute must before it goes off your desk into someone else's hands. And aloud means aloud, not under your breath or in your mind.

As I realised it now - read it aloud stupid!


Rajendra said...

Call it RIAS, and it qualifies as the latest jargon too!

Harimohan said...

Ha! That also sounds like riyaz which is what it is almost as you keep chanting away and making sounds out of the script that sound natural and credible. RIAS then. We shall unleash it when we write the book on 'How to write for dummies'.