Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - The Year In Movies

The year had to be dominated by movies beginning as it was with Golconda High School in January, a movie which I saw some 18 times in the theatre with many friends and family and enjoyed it each time. Sagar has been instrumental thereon in feeding me a wonderful list of movies for home viewing and I saw many classics, world cinema and mainly Irani movies. Of the 80 odd movies I viewed this past year, over a third must be Sagar's contribution. Thanks Sagar for the wonderful education.

In February I saw Amelia, 300, 400 Blows, Turtles Can fly, M, Leila, Annie Hall, No One Killed Jessica, Phas gaye Obama, Bounty Hunter and Invictus.

In March I saw Red Beard, King's Speech, High and Low, Pickpocket, The Fighter, Band Baja Barrat, Tees Maar Khan and Ala Modalaindi.

In April I saw Vicky Christina in Barcelona, Udaan and in May I saw Stanley ka dabba, Small time Crooks, Cinema Paradiso, Cinderella Man, The Mirror, Babel, Shor In the City.

In June it was Terror by Night, The Sound of Music, Rashomon, Kung Fu Panda 2, Two English Girls, Baran, Not one less, Silence, Schindler's List, Rangam.

July was Coffee and Cigarettes, Mighty Aphropdite, Delhi Belly, Midnight Cowboy, Fairy Tale, Inglorious Basterds, Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, Social Network.

In August it was Ray, Z, Osama, Kanal, Fireworks Wednesday, Close Up, Hidden Half, Kandahar, Sabah and Blackboards.

September I saw the White Balloon, Hamoun, Cirlce, Marooned in Iraq, Falling in Love, Dog Day Afternoon.

In October I saw Winnie the Pooh, Taste of Cherry, Glengary Glenross, The Cyclist, Deer Hunter, Dookudu, The Great Debaters,and Ashes and Diamonds.

In November I saw Rockstar, Infernal Affairs, The Other Man, Norwegian Wood, Sreeramarajyam and Camera Buff.

In December I saw Blow Up, Puss in Boots, Man of Marble, Aarakshan and Shashank's Redemption.

I loved the Irani movies, Polih movies, Cinema Paradiso, the Chinese movie 'Not one less', Infernal Affairs, Z, M, Ray, Schindler's List, The Great Debaters and so many more. In the theaters I liked Zindagi Milegi, Golconda High School, Rockstar, Stanley ka dabba, Shor in the City, No One Killed Jessica. The ones that disappointed were Tees Maar Khan, Puss in Boots and Terror in the night. I have some more wonderful movies that Sagar gave me to watch and it promises to be a fine start to 2012 in the movie section surely.

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Rajendra said...

Sagar's films were great. My thanks to him too. Golconda High School was also unique, since I saw it being shot, and had read the book. 'Coffee and Cigarettes' was really refreshing!