Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dev Anand - A Life of Purpose

If I had to mention one person who epitomises a life lived with purpose, it is Dev Anand. Though I must confess that I am not a huge fan of the actor, I simply loved his attitude to work. In fact I am one of the biggest fans of his when it comes to how one can make meaning around one's own life.

After some wonderful movies early on in his career Dev Anand made several movies which the audiences felt were out of sync. Most of his later movies were bad flops. But that did not deter him and he kept making movies till the end. Now that is the kind of a passion, purpose and commitment that I admire, that I would like to have myself. To continue doing what you can best express yourself through, irrespective of what the world feels, and to do it until you die is what to me a life lived fully is about. And Dev Anand who made his debut in 1946 in Hum Ek Hain and was a superstar with Ziddi in 1947, gave a lot more meaning to Indian cinema, to professionalism, to the spirit of a champion by his life by doing what he wanted for over six decades.

Thank you Dev saab for showing the way and I hope to imbibe this way, this purpose in my life. Now, for a Dev saab festival to celebrate the man!


Sandeep said...

One of the last legends of the Indian Film industry has passed away. I remember my father explaining the impact Dev Saab's movie 'the Guide' had on the Indian psyche when it was released. RIP, Dev Saab; we shall miss you forever.

Rajendra said...

Yeah, a life lived well, doing what he loved- making movies and acting in them. Hard to find this kind of passion in anyone in any field whatsoever!