Friday, December 30, 2011

Paradoxes of Life - The Money Paradox

It does appear that the most money is with the people who have a lot of time to do everything else (go on holidays, wake up late, watch movies, shop, go to beaches in short do things they enjoy doing). They do things they love and seem to enjoy spending it on themselves. For those who believe that making money is working so hard that you drop off, this may seem a paradox, but that is the way it is.

The richest people are doing things they love - playing, painting, building. The only thing is that they are working at doing and creating something they love. All those who are working 'hard' i.e. doing work they hate all the time are putting in the same hours or more at work, doing things they don't love, and not making any money.

Money seems to go where there is joy - of receiving it and spending it. Find the joy and the money follows. Spend it, use it joyfully, play with it, and it comes back to you. Hate what you are doing and you can kiss your money goodbye.

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